4 Reasons Why Online Education is an Effective Tool for Instructors

Many institutions have introduced online learning tools into course content.  According to Online Learning Consortium, about 28 percent of higher education students were enrolled in at least one online course in 2016. With more and more students entering institutions of higher education, online coursework has become an effective tool for instructors as they struggle with increasing student numbers.


Here are four reasons why online education is an effective tool for these instructors:


  1. Flexible pacing for students. Students are able to move through the course at their own pace. As many instructors know, students learn at different rates and it is difficult to be aware of those differences when teaching in a traditional classroom setting. Online courses enable students to work through the material as fast or as slow as they want, which helps the students learn the material in a more efficient way. Online courses not only provide flexible pacing, but also provide flexible hours for the students to work on the material at any time they want. Many students also work while going to school and appreciate the flexibility of online coursework.
  2. No traditional textbooks. Instructors always want the most current information provided in the textbooks they assign to their students. With online courses, there is no need to continually look for the newest edition of a textbook or spend the time rewriting a personal textbook; online courseware can continually change its content as new, more relevant information is revealed with just a click of a button. Instructors can use the same online course for years and not have to worry about the information being outdated.
  3. Integration of all coursework. An effective and challenging course for students consists of readings, quizzes, assignments, case studies, labs and exams. All of these learning tools are essential to helping a student fully comprehend the subject he/she is studying. Instructors spend a lot of time preparing all of these tools. With online learning, many of these tools are already built into the course, so teachers do not need to take time to write their own tests or quizzes. Instead, they can use that time to be available to students who might be struggling, or to take time doing research for their own projects.
  4. More comfortable environment for diverse students. Classrooms are filled with students who are diverse in many ways. Some students are shy while others are outspoken; some students learn rapidly while others may have impairments that can slow down the learning process. With online education, all types of students are able to be involved and participate in the learning process. Shy students can find a voice without being uncomfortable speaking in front of a room full of students. Students with visual or hearing impairments can succeed using online courseware because many online courses have multiple types of communication tools that enable these students to learn without difficulty. Online education can be used effectively by everyone.

Instructors face a lot of trials when it comes to creating an effective learning environment for their students. Online courseware aids educators in this quest for creating a fulfilling course that challenges the minds of its students. At Ascend Education, we believe that online education is the right choice for you. Our online courseware will provide you with the effective learning platform you need.


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